Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry

Our favorite grill recipe:  Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry using Yoshida’s sauce.

Tip:  I find Yoshida’s at Costco.

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So, my dashing and dapper Lumberjack is getting tired of eating beef.

My meat and potatoes guy apparently needs a break from meat.

Apparently you can feed a Lumberjack too much red meat.

Who knew?

So, I had to spoil my main man and make him his favorite dinner last night:

Chicken Stir Fry

Disclaimer:  I am not the Pioneer Woman.  My food pictures are less than par.  My apologies.

First off, you need Yoshidas Original Gourmet Sauce.

This is essential.

I get it from Costco.

You might be able to find it at the grocery store, but I have never looked for it there.

1)  Buy frozen chicken tenderloins.  Pour about 1.5 pounds into a bowl. 

Then defrost the chicken. Pour a little bit of Yoshidas on it and set aside.

2)  Start some rice.  I use two coffee mugs full of rice and four coffee mugs full of water.  I am very precise.

Put a lid on it and turn it on high to bring it to a boil.

3)  Find a handsome, strong, and dashing man.

This is the one I found:

2009_7_04 077

You can, however, substitute any model you have hanging around.

4)  Ask aforementioned strong and handsome man to light the BBQ.

Fact:  The Lumberjack’s Wife does not light BBQs.

Throwing a lit match into a gas flame goes against every safety standard I believe in.

At this point, just hand over all raw chicken responsibilities to your main man.

Honestly, it’s win-win.

You won’t have to look at that disgusting raw flesh again and he can play his new Wii hunting game while waiting for the BBQ to heat up.

And then he will just take care of the meat from there on out.

5)  Don’t forget about that rice!  You don’t want it to boil over.

Fact:  The Lumberjack’s Wife’s rice boils over every single time.

Once the rice is boiling, turn it down to low and wait about 20 minutes.

Don’t lift the lid!

The rice does not like that.

Rice is quite fickle.

6)  Time to chop some veggies.  Use whatever you want.  I used carrots and broccoli.

7)  Heat up a skillet and add a little Yoshidas to it.

Add sliced veggies and cook until crisp-tender . . .

or whatever that means.

Now, at this point, I usually add garlic salt and pepper.

But I am out of garlic salt.

This is my life.

So, I added plain salt and pepper.

You may do as you see fit.

8)  Now, it is time for the sauce.

This is the part where we abandon all hopes for this to be a healthy and low-fat dish.

Take about 1 to 1  1/4 cups of Yoshidas.

Pour it into a tall glass.

Take a 20-oz can of pineapple chunks.

Drain all of the juice into the glass along with the Yoshidas.

Save the pineapple and add it to the veggies.

Add about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch.


9)  Now, it is time to add the sauce to the pan.

This is a pivotal point in the cooking process.

You must make sure that the veggies are completely cooled down before adding the cornstarch mixture.

Everything I needed to know about the science of cornstarch, I learned from my goober 2-song IPod Dad:

He is actually a fabulous cook and I have learned a lot from him.

Any-who . . .

Add the sauce mixture to the pan and then turn the heat up to bring it to a boil, stirring often.

The longer it cooks, the thicker it gets:

While you wait for it to thicken, feel free to clean up, set the table, or discipline your children.

I went ahead and disciplined my children.

Little Dude:

He got in trouble for dumping Mabel’s dog water all over the floor.

I didn’t bother to wipe it up.

What does it matter?

It’s sub-floor.

It soaks right in.

I also had to chastise Handsome Dude for almost killing me by leaving so many hazardous objects in the way for me to trip:

10)  At this point, the rice should be ready.  Add some butter and salt and pepper.

Then spread it on the bottom of a 13×9 pan:

Now, kindly ask your handsome Wii-playing husband to go fetch the chicken.

And place it on top of the rice . . . like so. 

Well, darn it all, would you look at this:

The tape that is holding up the wires for our future under-cabinet lighting is falling down again.

You know, I really need to find me a good electrician to finally install said lighting once and for all.

I mean, it has been 6 years . . .

Wait a tic!

You know that Lumberjack I am married to?

Well, he is actually not technically a lumberjack at all.

He is, in fact, an electrician.

Interesting . . .

11)  Now pour that thick sauce and veggie mixture on top of everything.

And there you have it.

My one recipe.

My Lumberjack loves it.

And I love that he loves it.

“It’s a good thing.”

(Name that celebrity)



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27 responses to “Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry

  1. looks yummy…and there is in fact an electrician at my house this very minute. He is supposed to be moving an outlet upstairs or some such something in order for the ugly tv cord not to hang down the wall but my husband just popped into the office to grab pictures of us skiing in Chamonix…turns out the electrician is a big skier so he wants to see the pics. I hope we’re off the clock for that bit…we have a lot of pictures. Have a nice day!

  2. oh, how could I forget to name the celeb…it’s Martha

  3. Yum! I will have to try that. But what could one use if one does not have a Costco to purchase Yoshidas Original Gourmet Sauce from? Is it similar to a teriyaki sauce?

    • thelumberjackswife

      I don’t know what it is similar to? It says it is sweet and savory. You can buy it at Costco and Sam’s Club. You might be able to substitute teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce?

  4. Brandi D.

    Taylor you crack me up.

  5. I love Yoshida’s too! Great recipe, and great step by step instructions! You little blogger extraordinaire!

    And I am married to a plumber – somehow “The Plumber’s Wife” doesn’t sound as cool as your name. Anyway – I have had leaky faucets for a good thirty years. What is up with these guys?

  6. Alas, I am not married to an electrician or a plumber…But we still have unfinished projects. Of course, my husband is currently the One-Armed Man, so I will cut him a break, and not point out any year old projects we may have unfinished at our house…And he will kindly not point out the stack of Christmas decorations I piled on our table with the intentions of putting it away…

  7. Are you guys remodeling? Or is subflooring the new “in” thing? Dang it I’m always late on the new fads.

    • thelumberjackswife

      We bought our house over 6 years ago and have been remodeling it ever since. We’ve had that darn sub floor in for 6+ years. I am so sick of it!!!

  8. Mindy

    Hi! Recipe looks lovely, and no, I will no longer chastise you for saying cow. Even thought its a beef steer. Whatever. 🙂 Anyhew, it looks lovely in your 9x 13, that’s how you serve it? Could it be served with the rice in one pot and the chicken and veggies in another bowl or is that not a good idea? Just wondering, because i don’t wanna mess it up. Do your kids love it too?
    Also, I told Brian that David got a new hunting game for his wii, and I got a dirty look and a grunt. Brian has been begging me for a wii so he can play some hunting game on it and some military game on it. He wasn’t thrilled for David like I thought, so can I please send my husband over there to play with your husband? Then he can get his wii time and I don’t have to shell out $$! Just a thought…..:)

    • thelumberjackswife

      Heck! Why don’t you all come over sometime? The boys can virtually kill innocent creatures on the Wii, the kids can run around and trash the house, and us good-lookin’ ladies can gab in the kitchen and prepare some delicious beef steer for supper.
      What do you think? 🙂
      Oh, and yes you can serve it that way. The kids love it. It is our family favorite.

  9. Melissa

    yum! looks good – should have had that for lunch!!🙂

  10. Yum, that looks delicious. I love IQF Chicken tenders. We have them several times a week because they thaw quickly, are versatile and require no preparation–handling! Have fun with getting your electricity finished! 🙂

  11. thelumberjackswife

    I cannot believe you don’t rinse the chicken.


  12. Heather

    I never rinse my chicken. What are IQF tenders??? I use frozen chk tenders all the time but are the IQF special???

  13. datenutloaf

    Cow? Steer? Beef? Bovine? I do think they keep the cows for milk and butcher steers for beef. But when it’s all packaged and in the freezer I would call it beef. What’s it supposed to be called? Are you using your gloves?

  14. So glad you found us and linked up to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. I enjoyed your post and recipe. I hope you come back again, anytime! 🙂

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  17. HA! I laughed through this entire post! LOVE it! And the recipe sounds super yummy!! Thanks for sharing. I am visitng from Kellys Korner.

  18. Delicious! And that fridge has lots of meat.

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